Pyrogen offers a choice of applications -Total Flooding (protection of the entire premises) or Direct-To-Source (protection of individual enclosures within the premises). In case of a bank of electrical cabinets located in a large room, such individual protection of each cabinet is more effective both fire wise (targets fire at its source and therefore extinguishes fire at a very early stage) and cost wise (a fire incident requires a fire system replacement in an affected cabinet only, not in the entire premises).

Pyrogen also offers EXA-M range specifically designed for the aggressive environments and heavy-duty applications.

  • Heavy-duty execution;
  • Elevated ambient temperarure environments;
  • Resistant to high vibration, d ust, salt sprays and other aggressive environments.

Pyrogen offers a complete range of modules for various applications.There are cylindrical units for in-cabinet and confined areas; drum units for larger enclosures and room total flooding; units for raised floors and ceiling protection.

Each generator is hermetically sealed to maintain the internal integrity of all components within the unit. For the smaller cylindrical units, the casing is made of tough and corrosion resistant stainless steel and military alloy connectors are used.

The drum units are mild steel with corrosion resistant epoxy powder coating. These units come complete with attached mounting brackets.


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