How It Works

Pyrogen is an aerosol fire-extinguishing agent. The principle extinguishing action employed by Pyrogen is unique – a special solid chemical, when electrically activated, produces combustion products – micron-sized dry chemical particles and gas.

The Pyrogen fire-extinguishing aerosol is a mixture of dry chemical particles and gasses.

Before being released into a protected area, the aerosol propels itself through a unique physical coolant, which absorbs and re-distributes heat, thus ensuring flame-less discharge and uniform distribution of the aerosol within the area.

Micron-sized aerosol particles exhibit gas-like three dimensional qualities that allow the agent to rapidly distribute throughout the enclosure and reach concealed and shielded locations. Homogeneous distribution is achieved in a matter of seconds, while long holding times help to prevent fire re-ignition.

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Total Flooding

Fire Suppression Mechanism